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The EASIEST, HASSLE- FREE, Online Store For Group Ordering
-Stacks of paper order forms

-Liability of collecting checks and cash

-Flipping through dozens of thick catalogs

-Spending time tallying up orders and writing POs

-Unnecessary back and forth between you and the coach or buyer

- Custom order from your own store

- Everyone pays individually and you receive profit or savings once the order ships

​-KLAS delivers apparel to each person that orders OR we can drop ship the bulk order to you

- We can load up your store with any products

-Embroider, silk screen, heat seal numbers/names on uniforms

- Automated reminders to group members to order their uniforms or apparel

​- No more storing apparel or guessing what will sell. This is the best on-demand ordering!
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How It Works
​​1. Choose your apparel item.
​2. Choose your decoration/design.
​3. Set your item's price if you are interested in making a small profit.
​4. We set up your store in 24 -48 hours
​5. Set a time frame for your group to order. Once the time frame expires, KLAS will process all orders​.
​6. We take care of all the credit card processing, no paperwork on your end. You will get a rundown of who ordered which item.
​7. Apparel is drop shipped to your office in bulk or each member of the group that ordered.

​*Total time for group orders printed and delivered is 1- 4 weeks (depending on the items)
​*Costs for delivery, drop shipping, credit card processing, are all included in the unit cost.
​*Apparel must be purchased and printed by KLAS.
​*Products NOT provided by KLAS may be subject to a small fee.
​*Returns are not accepted unless there is an error on KLAS' part or defective product.


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FINALLY! An online solution for GROUP ORDERING for your company, school or team store!

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Pick your products, imprint/decoration, price, amd we will set up your online store in 24-48-hours!

It's easy! We take care of ALL the credit card processing, product sourcing, printing, AND we drop ship to your customer or office!