Product Safety & Social Compliance

KLAS powered by Boundless has a transparent supply chain. We work with suppliers with the highest print and product quality, that deliver on schedule. Equally as important as the products themselves is their history. Where were the products sourced? Do they meet product safety and quality certifications? Are they manufactured in a socially compliant way? Do they put your organization at risk?

We recognize that products are an extension of your brand, so it’s important to avoid regulatory risks or product recalls and keep your brand safe. We want you to have total confidence in the products you use. We believe providing safe and responsibly made promotional products is an essential part of doing business, especially since your brand is on the line.

That’s why we’ve launched the industry’s first transparent product catalog to provide complete insight into where our products come from and how they’re made. These products are fully-trusted by Boundless and fulfilled by partners who are certified through independent third-party testing and certification organizations such as FLA or QCA. We work exclusively with suppliers who have practices in place to ensure quality and product safety.

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